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and a Hi while passing through...

I got a phone call the other night from my nephew Ryan...He is doing long distance trucking and comes through my town and he wants to take a few days off next time he is here and he wants to see me!...:D

I want this more than anything but I haven't agreed to it yet because of my latest SI and the fact that I am having hallucinations on a daily basis now...

He of all people would understand...When he was 17 he tried to comitt suicide and ended up in the hospital and refused to see his parents...He is struggling and I don't want to put my stuff onto him but if he sees me there isn't going to be any hiding my problems...

I've cut myself off from all human contact (except K) in 3-D and the internet...But I came here because I had made a post about trying to find Ryan and I just wanted to share his call...

I hope everyone here is doing ok and hanging in there....RIMH who is gone once again...


Hello: I'm new here and do not know your story..but there are some very nice people here and I know I can speak for all of them when I say I/we wish you the best of everything.
i am very happy for you that he called!! this means he does still really care about you. :) good luck with your decision about seeing him.


I'm glad to hear you'll have the opportunity to see Ryan, RIMH. I do hope he can be of help to you. For me, it's always helpful to have a willing ear and an understanding heart to share with. All my best to you. :hug:
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