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well my name is ashley kate I am a 17 year old girl that well adores sports and physical activity and I also intend on studying in psychologie once I enter university I just can't wait.. I joined this site well about a week ago to try and get myself help in some way to be freed from the grasp that my eating disoreder (anorexia) has on me.. But that is not who I am although many people define me as that i am a normal human being that has needs that loves to help others and give her point of view I am just going threw a difficult period in my life at the moment okay maybe not a dfficult period more like a difficult 5 years but one day i will be okay and i awat impatiently that day.. Anyway i hope to find what I am looking for on this site and meet girl and boys that understand and know what I am going threw and i wish to be able to help others too
with love
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