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David Baxter

Mar 26, 2004
Living With Social Anxiety
by Robert T. Muller, York University Trauma Blog
April 10, 2019

In Living with Social Anxiety, filmmaker Kat Napiorkowska shows what it is like to have social anxiety.

She describes social anxiety as "self-consciousness on steroids" and illustrates the everyday challenges that social anxiety poses, the ways her relationships are affected by it, and the specific thought processes she experiences when having to encounter these situations. Kat offers a solution to these problems and says, "even though I'm not there yet I know there will be a day when I'm the one in charge [of my life]."

Living with Society Anxiety is a highly relatable and creative piece that reveals a window of understanding for those unaffected by social anxiety, and provides practical help and encouragement for people who need it.


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