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ty so much for replying..and caring..

i am ..holding up..trying to..

got really bad news..this friend..a dear i have only known thru the computer/net and talking to her on the phone....(she is not from here./canada)..died..yesturday...unexepectedly..they think it might of been a heart defect she has had.. :cry: :cry:

i am supp. to write another dr. with this newest info...hoping ..that she will let me be re: the reduction in my xanax for now..until things..I all..

i don't know even know where to begin to deal with this loss right now..she was so young..38..she was so kind..she was/is/has been my only friend for quite sometime now..that would talk to me..(she suffered from agora/anxiety to..)..i miss her..and i overwhelmed at all..

My mom..doing bit better..still not so good..

gotta try to write a letter later..I can't do all right now..i don't think this is good time to to continue dropping my med..or maybe it is..or maybe i will have no choice..

sorry its jumbled..

ty for listiening


Re: Benzodiazepines

I am so so sorry to hear of your loss Jk.. i really am and i don't know what to say to you..

all i can think of is Please keep talking to us here.. i \we will try and support you whatever way i\we can..

others here have lost nearest and dearest, and close friends.. they will know what you what you are please talk to them...

glad you mom is doing better.. and that you are still chasing the dr thing, re your med.
I feel for you right now.. JK. and i wish i could do someting to ease your pain...

I am here ok.. and so are tho others..

..(((hugs))) NSA.


Re: Benzodiazepines

I'm truly sorry for your loss, JKB. Suddenlly losing a friend like that is always so very difficult. Just try to remember that she will always be with you through your memories of her. It's hard at first, but will be comforting as time heals the loss.

Good luck with your efforts with your doctor. It sounds like this might not be the best time to make changes in your medication dosage. You're going through a lot of stress. I hope you'll keep coming here to talk it out. We're all here for you, and we care.


Re: Benzodiazepines

I'm really sorry for your loss jkb. If it helps to talk about it, please feel free....talking here has helped me quite a can be kind of therapeutic. It sounds like she was very important to you...I'm so sorry.

just mary

Re: Benzodiazepines

I just wanted to say that I'm also sorry for your loss JKB.? And I totally agree with what others have said, please feel free to talk here and gather any support you can.? We're all thinking of you.

Take care.



I just wanted to add that I am also sorry for your loss. I can relate to those feelings and want to let you know that I am here for you if you need me.

Stay Strong...


ty all very much....

i don't know what i am right shock..

yesturday..cried alot..then had spells of not feeling good..then cried..didn't sleep good..

today..i haven't cried yet...don't know why or if i should..been a long time since i lost someone thru anxiety is just way up..

will write..just gootta..need to est..and keep calm..

wortoe doctor..don't even know if my fax yest. made sense..ha..but..she is off today i think..i don't know..i just hope..that she will let me be right now..

going to rest again for abit..

this doesn't seem real..yet it does..if that makes any sense..

ty again..

ps sorry for combining my posts ..i just didn't know..

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No need to apologize, jkb. That's why a forum has admins and moderators.

I'm just trying to make it easier for people to find threads and topics.


I'm doing ok..I'm still shook up..have so many questions. I'm having a hard time saying bye.

The funeral for her was yesturday...seeing the obit and writting in the guestbook was very hard..I think it took me an hour to write a short paragraph..

I'm just here..thinking ..and trying to deal with it all..digest it still..and also with all going on..just trying to real stay calm..

It just seems like everyone i get close to leaves in one form or another..and well ...

I'm hanging in.


thank you NSA

just wanted to ty for your last post in lost friend. I couldn't respond in the thread
it really meant alot to read it. ty. :) I just haven't been up to writing alot lately...but i will .

Ty again ((hugs))

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((hugs)) back at u Jk. i've read yur other replies to others on here and to me as well , thank you.. much appreciated..
you doing fine as regards writing\posting.. ok.. no need to worry about that at alll..

i just letting u know i \ we here ok.
I know u are here for me too.
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