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New York, NY ( - American/Canadian recording artist and composer Luke Parkin, has been chosen to lead the 2006 Print AD media awareness campaign for the Tourette Syndrome Association of America.

Having been afflicted with Tourette from early childhood, Parkin learned to effectively manage the disorder. Parkin is a true success story whose once severe impediment severely affected his life emotionally and physically, as it does many afflicted with the disorder. The composer says that he is delighted to be a part of the TSA's ongoing excellent work in order to bring awareness and education to the mainstream population about Tourette Syndrome.

Parkin recently entered into an agreement to donate up to 20% of his proceeds from two albums released this and next year. Winter Journal, a collection of winter-themed new age piano pieces, received praise and considerable attention after its initial release in December of 2005. A forthcoming release officially due out this October 10th entitled Things I Didn't Know I loved, a two disk CD set of contemporary classical piano pieces inspired by great poetry of the twentieth century is likely to receive widespread attention from the instrumental music world. The compilation features poetically inspired music by legendary Canadian poet P.K. Page and many others including:

AR Ammons, WS Merwin, WD Snodgrass, CP Cafery, Gloria Fuertes, Ingeborg Bachmann, Inger Christensen, Theodore Roethke, Francis Ponge, Hart Crane, Octavio Paz, Nazim Hikmet, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Carlos Drummond De Andrade, Czeslaw Milosz, Edwin Muir, Robert Frost & Dylan Thomas.

Winter Journal which enjoyed favorable reviews and widespread radioplay in North America was the 68th opus number in Parkin's large recording catalog, and his first major commercial album.Things I Didn't Know I loved will be the second significant release and the 69th opus number in a series of releases being published from Parkin's back-catalog.

Luke Parkin, originally from outside Boston Massachusetts, currently hails from Victoria, British Columbia. He studied classical music from childhood where he excelled in keyboard music of the piano. His tremendous aptitude for improvisation of classical forms and composition caused Parkin to study and compile a huge number of albums in both the commercial and contemporary classical worlds of music.

Luke was born in Amesbury Massachusetts, near Boston His enormous talent for instrumental music and composition has led to a successful career as a keyboard artist. His collection of albums is inclusive of genres ranging from electronica to modern experimental music.
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