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I just wanted to say that I called my doctor and got back on my Risperadol last night along with my other medicines. my mind is clearer and I feel more linked to the world than I did yesterday and the last few weeks, even after only 2 doses. Ithink what is hardest for me is that I keep (even after years and years) trying to figure out if I can "do this" without medicine. Then I realize even if it's just for a little while that it is too dangerous for me not to take the medicine. I am sorry if I am rambling but wanted to say this to somebody and hope that it may be helpful in some way to somebody who may be fighting the same battles....
Thanks for writing that. :)

I too struggle with taking medication, wanting to do it myself, but I know it is helping me. Sometimes when I feel a little better I think I can stop taking it now, but your post reinforces for me that I do need to be taking it.

I'm glad you shared that. It IS helpful.

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:goodjob: Well done, texasgirl.

I know it's difficult for many people to acknowledge that they need medications, especially when they are psychotropic medications.

I take three medications a day - two in the morning and one at night. Without them, I would be a lot more uncomfortable, physically and psychologically, and I might over the long term increase my risk for serious health problems.

Do I like it? Not especially. But I know I would like the alternatives a lot less. So I take them, morning and night.

Why you need the medications is irrelevant. It is no different whether you take them for a physical issue or a psychological issue. If they enhance the quality of your life and/or prevent a threat to your well-being and/or relieve pain or distress, it is well worth it.


That is awesome Texasgirl :) I can relate to what you said as I still sometimes secretly hope that I can do without meds. I know logically as I have tried in the past that I can't go without meds but there is a part of me that can't or won't give up hope.

Do I like it? Not especially. But I know I would like the alternatives a lot less

David, I really like what you said above. It makes a lot of sense and something that I have never thought about when taking my medication (of which I take three also). When contemplating stopping my medication (as I still do at times) I never have thought of the alternatives. I automatically just want to stop because I don't feel they are working and I don't want to be on them. Maybe next time I have those thoughts of stopping I will consider the alternatives to not taking them and will reconsider.

Thanks :)
I appreciate your replies for sure. I don't know why but taking psychotropics for me has so much more of an impact than taking my thyroid medication - seems almost silly in the long run since it's all chemical anyway but I fight the psychotropics like crazy (although I don't have any side effects I guess from the thyroid meds). Anyway, it helps to gain perspective from hearing that most folks have the same struggles. And I have to say, Dr. Baxter, that your response last night caused me to pick up the phone and call my doctor (which for me is equally a struggle since for some unknown reason I don't EVER want to bother him - go figure since he's my doctor and if I ever really thought about it that's what I am going to him for :confused: )

Anyway thanks yall for responding to me. Helps me feel less alone in the world and I do really listen.
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