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Mood 24/7 Beta Test and Survey
Chris Hall, Director, Clinical Platforms
September 8, 2010

How many good days did you have last week?

HealthCentral is developing a service called Mood 24/7, based on technology from Johns Hopkins University, to allow you to track your good and bad days with a simple text message.

We can't do it alone. We need your feedback on Mood 24/7, as it works today and your ideas for making it better. We believe that you can help us make Mood 24/7 a tool that really helps people.

To see how Mood 24/7 works, please CLICK HERE to register today for free. In two weeks we'll contact you again to see how it worked for you. Your answers to our short survey will help shape the direction of the tool.

To thank you for your time, we'll select, at random, one person who completes the survey, and make a donation of $100 in that person's name, to the mental health organization of his or her choice.

Mood 24/7 is a free service. However your cell phone carrier will charge standard text messaging fees for all inbound and outbound texts related to Mood 24/7.
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