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I've just got home from my Occupational Health appointment.

Apart from understanding my recent reactions as a very normal reaction to current life stress [especially in the context of my past stresses/traumas...] ........

She basically recommended that I be re-referred back to the psychiatrist and be put on mood stabilisers, rather than an anti-depressant.


Of course I don't have to do this. But I do see this woman [who was very human and accepting of me...] again on 18th January.

So I can at least research, and consult with my psychotherapist and GP.

Has anyone taken/know anything about mood stabilisers and PTSD?

David Baxter PhD

Late Founder
I do think mood stabilizers can be beneficial for some people with PTSD. It's not a bad idea to run this by your psychiatrist or physician and/or therapist to get some feedback.


Thanks David.

I don't really want to take them, all things considered. My therapist agrees with me that I don't really need them, as we both know there are ways through interaction of shifting my mood almost immediately, and my treatment plan is for minimum meds and managing my feelings through psychotherapy.
But I will discuss it with my GP when I see her on Friday.

I'm surprised noone here with PTSD has taken them...
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