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Unauthorized natural health products including ?SmartBrain Formulations? and ?Cutting Edge Naturals? sold by Robert Lamberton Consulting may pose health risks
Health Canada Recalls and Safety Alerts
December 13, 2017

OTTAWA ? Further to a recent Health Canada advisory about an unauthorized health product, ?SmartBrain Formulations Serotonin Support,? Health Canada is expanding its advisory to warn that all products sold by the company may pose serious health risks. These products are considered to be manufactured under unsanitary conditions at a site that is not licensed by Health Canada. Health Canada has seized all the products and manufacturing equipment that were found at the site.

The company operates under several names: Robert Lamberton Consulting; Cutting Edge Naturals; and Cutting Edge Nutraceuticals. It sells various products and custom formulations which are promoted for a variety of health issues and were being offered for sale online and by email. This includes products sold under the brand names ?SmartBrain Formulations? and ?Cutting Edge Naturals? which have not been authorized for sale in Canada.

Health Canada inspectors observed dirty manufacturing surfaces and equipment, and ingredients that were being stored in unsealed containers. Unsanitary manufacturing conditions can lead to issues such as bacterial contamination, which can pose serious health risks, especially for those with a weakened immune system. Health Canada issued the advisory about SmartBrain Formulations Serotonin Support after testing found E. coli contamination, which can cause serious health problems such as severe stomach cramps, profuse watery or bloody diarrhea, vomiting, nausea and headache.

One product, ?Neuroactin Plus Pro? (NPN 80063407 held by Robert Lamberton Consulting), is licensed by Health Canada and appears to have also been manufactured at this site. Health Canada has suspended this product licence, which means no person can legally sell this product.

What you should do

  • Stop using products manufactured by this company (Robert Lamberton Consulting; Cutting Edge Naturals; and Cutting Edge Nutraceuticals) and consult a health care professional with any questions or concerns.
  • Read product labels to verify that health products have been authorized for sale by Health Canada. Authorized health products have an eight-digit Drug Identification Number (DIN), Natural Product Number (NPN) or Homeopathic Drug Number (DIN-HM). You can also check whether products have been authorized for sale by searching Health Canada?s Drug Product Database and Licensed Natural Health Product Database.
  • Report adverse events to health products to Health Canada by calling toll-free at 1 866 234 2345, or by reporting online, by mail or by fax.
  • Report complaints about health products to Health Canada by calling toll-free at 1 800 267 9675, or complete an online complaint form.

Health Canada will take further action as necessary to mitigate any risks to the health of Canadians and inform Canadians as appropriate.

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Public enquiries

(613) 957-2991
1-866 225-0709


There was an interesting episode of CBC's Marketplace in 2015 where they showed how easy it is to get Health Canada approval for natural products.

They even went as far as creating a fake product and getting it licensed for sale
"Marketplace gets licence for children?s fever remedy with no scientific evidence"

Here's the link to the article with a short video from the episode:
Health Canada licensing of natural remedies 'a joke,' doctor says

The full episode can be found here:
Drugstore remedies: Licence to Deceive


Probably, but I was unable to find it with simple searches.
Pretty scary when you think of the faith people have in natural products.
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