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PTSD due to tragedy that took 4 of my loved ones in one year. So life went on for 30 years with all the symptoms of PTSD and it has had lots of stress along the way. Four years ago I came back home to care for my mother. She passed away a year ago and here I am in the home with all the memories of a once happy family turned tradgic. I think new surroundings would help my depression. Is it not true that this house could be very depressing for me? It is a really nice place and some friends tell me to stay and some tell me to go. Question is ...What about surroundings for someone diagnosed with PTSD?


Are you seeing a therapist for PTSD, Marty? If so, what does your therapist say? If not, it might help you to talk to a therapist about your feelings and what's gone on in your life. It sounds like you've had a very difficult time.

To me, it would seem that if you feel that new surroundings would help you get on with your life, it's probably true. I can't imagine myself wanting to bat around in a house filled with painful memories. I'd be looking for somewhere bright and cheery to start a new life just as bright and cheery.

Daniel E.
A dramatic example....When I used to watch TV a lot, I saw an Oprah show where a woman lost all of her children because they were all murdered in her her husband. Obviously, she was advised by her friends to get a new house, but she wouldn't. Oprah agreed that the woman should move out.

Personally, I would move out if I had any doubts about my memories being triggered by the environment. If I was very depressed, I would probably feel that I had nothing to lose by trying.

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You've heard what your friends think. What I wonder is what you think. How do you feel being in that house? How do you feel about the image of living in that house for an extended period of time or for the rest of your life?


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Hi Marty!

I have also suffered PTSD for many years. If you feel as though you should stay in your childhood home, then that could be best for you. You said you moved home to care for your mother, were you living in another town?

I hope that you have a therapist to discuss this with. Sometimes if a person is confused, they really do have the answeres themselves, and a good therapist can help show you what you really want.

You are the only person who can make that descision for yourself. I myself was quite resistant to go back to my family home because of the triggers. I always had to force myself, but for me my home was not a happy or loving environment.
This is the first webstie I have found where I actually received replies and all of you seem so kind.
Yes, the therapist will help me decide. It is strange how each room in this house has a "trigger" and sometimes it is difficult to go into a room. Thank you all!! :)
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