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New book on schizophrenia launched

Wed 29/03/2006

A new handbook that provides information for anyone who has been affected by schizophrenia or psychosis, has been launched.

Around 41,000 people in Ireland are directly affected by schizophrenia, along with their carers, families and friends. It is a serious mental illness, characterised by disturbances in a person's thoughts, perceptions, emotions and behaviour.

Discover the Road Ahead provides information on the early signs of the condition, how to deal with a diagnosis and the recovery process.

The book, which is a cross European initiative, also includes examples of Irish people's experiences. It is being made available free of charge throughout Ireland and Europe.

"We know that knowledge is power and as a person affected by schizophrenia, if you are not informed about your illness, your access to information on the recovery process is severely reduced", explained John Saunders, director of Schizophrenia Ireland.

He emphasised that people 'can and do' recover from schizophrenia.

"This book helps to provide information on how best to foster recovery, looking at the holistic range of experiences and needs of the individual", Mr Saunders added.

For a copy of the book, email or call (01) 860 1620.

For more information on schizophrenia, call Schizophrenia Ireland?s helpline at 1890 621 631 or log on to Hosting Ireland - Holding Page - Your Domain Has Been Successfully Registered! or
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