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Hi all,

I have allways had an interest in psychology, love it, its fascinating to me...both human and animal psych. I am allways wanting to learn more about it. Also...I have issues and hope to find some help here.

More about me...I am 23yrs old, and work at a dog grooming shop. Dogs are another major interest of mine along with philosophy, music, art, poetry, sciences, geography, history + 100 other things that I don't feel like typing. I am also a MAJOR Rush fan. :-D

Chain Lightning


Adding another welcome to you, Chain Lightening. There is a lot to read about psychology here. I love cats, myself.


Hello Chain Lightening. Nice to have u here. I love animals as well. I have a husky cross (not sure; lolol). and a hampster as well.

Hope you enjoy this forum.


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Odd. It loaded for me earlier but I get the same "forbidden access" message now too.

I assume they have "image harvesting" blocks on the site that are responding to the link requests.

Never mind: I can verify that it was a cute black dog with big friendly eyes :eek:)
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