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Hello, I am looking for online support. I used to frequent MHN (Mental Health Net) way back when. But since that went the way of the dinosaur I have not interacted with anyone on the web. Just afraid, I guess. I have a host of mental illnesses, (lucky me) but I have pretty extensive knowledge about different treatment modalities and so forth. I hope I can be an asset as well as a consumer.

To tell a bit about myself, I have been in therapy for a number of years to treat Major Depressive Disorder, recurrant severe, with psychotic features, DID, Anxiety-Panic Disorder, PTSD, and just a generalized frustration with it all. I am lucky to have a faithful and devoted husband, two fabulous daughters, and a skilled and talented therapist/shrink. It is remotely possible that I have finally hit on the proper combination of meds, cognitive therapy and electro-convulsive therapy as I have not been hospitalized for many months now, a new record for me!

Anywho, I really need to extend myself out beyond my safety zone and take up some friendships. I promise to be gentle with anyone's feelings and not to errupt at anyone who decides to jump on mine for whatever reason. I just don't see the point in overreacting that way. I won't be offended by anyone who doesn't believe in DID. I used to think it was just chicanery, and even when my therapist showed me the evidence, I still didn't believe him at first. Now, years later, I still find it difficult to take in, but at least I have accepted its reality.

I look forward to meeting people here. Allegro


Thanks for the welcome! I generally avoid television, so I haven't watched any shows about DID in many years. The one I saw then scared the **** out of me! Also, since myself and the "rest of me" seems to have reached a good working relationship, I don't want to introduce anything that might stir the pot unnecesarily.

I do, however, realize the importance of getting the word out and educating people about the disorder. I only ask that people look at the admirable steadfastness and strength that people with DID have rather than the weirdness of the disorder. Actually, it is no more weird than the myriad of other habits and practices that people insist on in order to perform difficult tasks- such as; always driving the same route to work because when they go a different way they always have a bad day. It is a way for their brain to wrap itself around situations and conceptualize things.

DID has allowed me to survive in spite of formidable circumstances. To survive and, in fact, thrive! Had I not had the resources to create people who could function within the challenges, I don't think I would have lived, let alone got married and helped raise two beautiful, strong, healthy and intellegent daughterls.

DID is referred to as a disorder. Actually, I'd argue that and say that it would be better termed as a defensive response. Sure, it is not the easiest way to live, but nor is it the hardest. The hardest would be having to forever live with the beliefs that were aquired from incedibly overpowering and challenging circumstances during a child's developement. DID saved my life. I don't feel proud of having DID, but I do feel proud of the ingenuity that a very young girl possessed.

Always, be gentle with yourself.
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