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I joined the forum this morning. I like what I have read so far. A bit about myself. I live British Columbia; psychology has always been a passion of mine, I love diving into how our psyche works.

At present I am a retired crisis counsellor/grassroots worker due to PTSD and everything that comes along with that.

Hope to talk with some of you soon



Welcome to Psychlinks, Ladylore! Feel free to join in ongoing discussion or start as many as you would like. If you need assistance navigating the forum software, just give us a shout.



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Good day,

Wanted to say thank for the warm welcome. I have been doing some reading on the site and definitely looks like this was a great idea to sign up. Dealing with PTSD can be somewhat isolating and since the symtoms are so varied it can be frusterating at times, especially when I can't get a handle on what my brain is doing.

Thanks again, to all you friendly folk

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