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New Healthcare Commission website rates public and private health providers' performance

The Healthcare Commission has launched a new web service that provides information about performance in NHS and independent acute hospitals, mental health units and independent sector treatment centres.

In October, the Commission published its annual State of Healthcare Report, which for the first time gave an overall national picture of performance in the independent sector against core minimum standards. The new web service contains the details of how individual independent providers faired against each of those standards, at the time of inspection.

Each provider is assessed against 32 core standards and a range of service-specific standards, which look at the minimum requirements for a provider to practice, ranging from ensuring that employees are appropriately recruited and receive adequate training to ensuring that medical equipment is decontaminated properly.

In its State of Healthcare Report the Commission pointed out that independent providers of mental healthcare were "not met" on a relatively high number of standards. The NHS pays for around 80 per cent of the patients using these services, including people detained under the Mental Health Act.

In the mental health sector:

  • 3 per cent met all 32 core standards
  • 18 per cent met at least 29 core standards
  • 17 per cent were "not met" on five or more core standards.
Looking at compliance with specific core standards in mental health sector:

  • 95 percent of organisations met core standard C16 which enables staff to raise concerns
  • 22 per cent of independent mental health providers failed to have an acceptable resuscitation policy
  • 20 per cent failed to ensure that patients received treatment in premises that are safe and appropriate
  • 18 per cent failed to properly monitor quality of treatment and care.
The public are able to search the information by provider name or by postcode, as well as by standard. To make this information more accessible and relevant, the results have been grouped under four important questions:

  • How safe and clean is the service?
  • How good is the care I will receive?
  • Will I be treated with dignity and respect?
  • How well is the organisation managed?
The information on the website will be updated regularly as new inspection reports are produced. The Commission plans to expand the site to include other services such as clinics carrying out termination of pregnancy and cosmetic laser procedures.
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