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⚠️ NEWBIE! :eek:
HI! Ive been reading on this forum for a little while now. (about 3 months, i think) :study:

Anyway, I decided to joing up. :) Just wanted to say hi.
Thanks. :cool:

Im 20, male and from the UK. I found this forum while I was searching on google for phycology or something.
I started reading, and its a really cool site. Plus everyone seemed freindly.

Im into self-help type stuff, got into that about 3 or so years ago. Plus lifes not going the way I want it (why I got into it) and thought i'd post any questions or anything like that on here.

Thanks again for the welcome :)
Hey indifferent, I'm not entirely sure of how this website came about, but I do know that it will be it's 2 year anniversary at the end of the month :)! ! !
No thats okay, I should have looked. *s* thanks :)

David Baxter - I read that your into website design, in the interview thing. So am i, actually im learning php right now. :)
One of best tutorials ive done, (couldnt even get through some they were quite boring lol) is this one: (you have to register then scroll down to the php/mysql section)
Its a video tutorial and you have to register, proberbly equals to afew hours of learning. I think. But its free, its a cool siteto with loads of free stuff, (just love the site). Check it out, I think ive got the basics down, but there isnt any more advanced stuff, which is a shame. :(

Btw: Thanks for the links :)
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