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how do you stop it how do you make it normal again after 7 years i still see the images so vivid so real in my head in my dreams and while i am walking or talking with people the smells the places everything reminds me of it and i am going crazy it just seems to get worst i tried not sleeping to avoid nightmares but that made the flashes increase i tried putting my alarm clock on many times to wake me up to avoid going through the whole nightmare yet again but that only increase the flashes as well what to do i am at a loss
yours truly Ashley


Actively imagining positive things before I sleep have helped me the most. Plus working through the memories safely in therapy. It takes time, but won't last forever, of that I am pretty sure. I know its hard to believe that when in the midst of it...

Drawing and writing about the flashbacks and nightmares has also helped me get the images and feelings out of my head some, and onto the paper, where I can share them with my therapist, and be less alone with them.




I think that Braveheart has some good suggestions and I really think that working through the memories safely in therapy is the best one. I know in another thread you said that you have been without a psychologist now for a couple of months but I was wondering if you are looking for another one or on a waiting list for someone so that you can begin to deal with these painful memories from your past. I truly believe that this will be the safest way to put the past including the nightmares and flashbacks behind you.

Take care
basicly at the moment i have no therapie as you know and i am going to be forced to see someone though because my nutritionnist says that i am becomming mor eand more depressed and more and more into my other problemes wich sort of doesn'T help anything so i need ot have support but the thing is to talk to another person to open up to someone new when i am going to be moving in like 5 months is pretty scarry becaus ei am going to live with my father for about 2 months before school starts in toronto.. i just don't know what to do cause i spend my nights awake i only sleep 3 hours a night it will never end and it is during the holidays that they are the worst
yours trully
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