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Hi all,

Some here will know that I am on a NO sugar/NO carbs and high protein diet for 3 weeks (2 weeks left) before I have lapband surgery...

Well the diet is going ok... I have not been cheating !! I have lost 7KG in the last week ! The scale actually reads my weight now, does not just display ERROR !!! LOL

However... the cravings are getting bad ! I am craving sugars and carbs (especially bread) and I am having hunger pangs.

I think I might also have some tummy upset from eating so many vegitables... I think I have eaten more veggies in the last week than I have in a whole year !! My system is not used to it.

The powder / liquid meal replacements dont 'fill' my tummy, so I am left feeling hungry after my 'meals'.

The small amount of meat I eat each night is wolfed down... and it does not satisfy me. Its weird... I FEEL full... my tummy says its full but I still have strong cravings to eat something else. I am worried that I might start to cheat if I feel so hungry... (I am getting sick of eating lettuce but I do rather enjoy eating whole fresh tomatoes (no salt) though !)

The tough part is this Saturday... its my father-in-laws birthday and we (whole family) are going out for supper to a buffet. There is practically nothing I am allowed to eat. I will just have to have the fresh seafood and salads... but it will be so tempting... :(

I REALLY need a pat on the back and some encouragement !

Daniel E.
Congradulations for your first week of success. When you complete the second week, I would guess you would feel a greater sense of confidence that would carry you over to the end of week 3.

Hopefully, the small amount of carbs in the veggies will keep you sane :) I had a big craving for fruit when I first tried a low carb diet. I felt like I was Adam being offered an apple by Eve.

As you are probably already doing, eating something every few hours can help with cravings. I would think the biggest temptation would be if your frig is full of carbohydrates because of other family members.

Why are you only eating a small amout of meat? Normally, red meat is the most well-liked feature in a low/no carb diet. (I can't forget a magazine cover of a fried steak coated with butter to highlight the Atkins controversy.) I guess there may be additional restrictions on your pre-surgery diet.

BTW, shrimp was one of Dr. Atkins' favorite foods. He would load up his freezer with shrimp and eat away.

Daniel E.
I crave sweets, bread and crackers. Why? And what can I do about it?

If you only recently started Atkins, your blood sugar levels probably haven't stabilized. yet. After adhering strictly to the Induction phase for five days, cravings should be under control. Occasionally, women will experience cravings just before a menstrual period. The longer you continue with Atkins, the fewer cravings you'll have.

Skipping meals or going too long between meals may also cause cravings—one reason why eating regularly is important. Another possibility is that you may have a food intolerance, often called a food allergy. People often crave the very food they should stay away from. Foods to which people are often intolerant include milk products, peanuts, soy, wheat, yeast and corn. The only way to figure out if you are sensitive to a food is to eliminate various foods one at a time to see if the cravings abate.

Stress is yet another possible trigger for cravings. Blood sugar can become unstable when you're under stress, which in turn leads to cravings. This is just one more reason to limit, and learn to manage, stress. Excessive caffeine can also cause a hypoglycemic response in some individuals, which can cause them to crave sweets. Adding L-glutamine to your nutrient program may help curb cravings. Also, Atkins Dieters' Advantage Formula contains nutrients and food extracts that help control appetite, including chromium to help stabilize blood sugar.

Consuming fat helps you feel satisfied, mitigating cravings. If you're doing everything else right and still craving carbs, eat half of an Advantage® Bar, a few olives, some cheese, avocado or some cream cheese in a celery stick. Most important, don't give in to cravings. Doing so will only result in more cravings and more cheating—and inevitable weight gain.


I am getting a little anxious about the surgery now... only day after tomorrow now.

Have lost 11.5 KG now. Its visibly noticable on me now.

Funny thing is my bad back is REALLY SORE ! I wonder if it is because my posture is changing ? Maybe because the weight is going down so quickly ?

Well... the cravings are not too bad. Am able to live with them.

Really tired of veggies ! LOL Oh well... after surgery it will be clear fluids only for a couple days then I can have sips of milk-shakes and fruit juice and veggie (v8) juice only ! Oh yeah and my 'meal replacement' powder.

Its going to be tough to learn to drink only 50ml OVER a 30 minute period ! Little sips and minutes in between.

After 4 weeks I can eat 'slop' ! yum ! LOL

Its all for a good cause !

Daniel E.
When my mother had back pain, over-the-counter Tylenol was more pain relieving for her than even prescription pain killers.

For minor back pain due to bad ergonomics (sitting all day without getting up or using an uncomfortable chair), I find walking most helpful for getting some immediate relief. To prevent future back pain, more advanced strengthening exercises like swimming or other resistance training would probably be ideal.

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