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i cant talk to guys, and im starting university i dont know how im gonna cope. im a sales assiant and this requires talking to guys, i get all shy , nervous , start to sweat .. i always look flushed, i go red all the time. please help me thankyou
Hi Shygirl,

What is it that you are thinking about when you are talking with guys or when you are around them? How long have you experienced this?
Well it's usaully the guy who approach's the girl anyway. Unfortunatley, im a pretty shy guy to an extent. Considering your a girl, they guy will start the conversation, or should... you can if you want and that's half of the trouble right there. Talk a little and if the guy can't keep the conversation going well then blow him off and look for another! Im actually in sales as well, but when it comes to talking to a girl im ok as long as it has to do with just helping them haha. Ifg they try and start a conversation with me.... yeah I kind of don't know what to say.


hey shygirl. PRACTICE that is all that I have to say. The more you interact w/ say guys the more comfortable you will feel after some time. Having a guy friend as a friend really helps to break that bridge or mayeb hanging out w/ your borther and his friends or your friend's brother (assuming appropriate age ranges here) will make you be more comfortable in "those" kind of situations which will transfer into other situations. If you don't know any guys well enough, try joining a club on campus. You're bound to meet guys. Sit beside a guy in class and ask soemthing about the course material. He will answer and it will be "simple" practice, no danger. ie. you asked about the course work, not to go out on a date. it won't seem weird- you're in class. playing sports is an awesome way to meet guys.

if you don't like the way a conversation is going, it's in your power to stop ie... ie. saying you're late for class or have to meet a friend or have to attent to some other sales issue. (as kamikazi said). but I don't think it's up to a guy to approach a girl all the time. it goes 2 ways. guys, amazingly, are shy as well!!
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