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I'm having severe difficulty with the neighbours playing really loud music. I completely go to pieces when they do! Does this count as some sort of neurosis?

David Baxter PhD

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I don't think so. I think it counts as having very inconsiderate neighbors.

I live in a house out in a rural area near a larger city, now. Part of the reason is to get away from other people's noise, cooking odors, etc., which seems to be an inevitable part of city apartment/condo living, unfortunately.

Do you not have noise bylaws in your area, though?

David Baxter PhD

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People who are making too much noise always feel that anyone who objects is being unreasonable... it doesn't make it so. You might double check the bylaws, too. Most places have bylaws about making excessive noise after a certain time of evening, anyway.


I have been going through this with my new downstairs neighbours. In fact, it was going on again just this afternoon! The music wasn't even really LOUD, just the thumping and bumping of the base notes is enough to set me off! I am anxious/angry for every second of it until it stops! Here in my area there is a bylaw which indicates they have to turn it down by ll:00, and even the most inconsiderate people USUALLY do. I complain to the superintendent of my building, then if it continues I call the police.

I can't stand it either!

David Baxter PhD

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Yes.. those bass notes rumble right through the foundations. Very annoying because you often can't even hear the music... just that interminable thump-thump-thump sound...


Hi, Emerald.
I hear you totally. I used to live in a small, old building for many years and the noises, neighbors yelling and fighting and having sex and listening to loud music... used to make me so nuts, I could hear it all! And I AM addicted to music, but also very considerate of other people's sensitivities...

Then one year ago I moved to this huge building where the walls are thick... and I realized, ok, maybe I am sensitive, but those walls were too thin and it wasn't me, it was them!

I can assure you that my life has improved due to something as simple as not having to hear my neighbors fight or pleasure themselves. Nonetheless, I keep a stash of earplugs just in case...

Good Luck and be well.


Emeraldfire said:

My luck is most likely to change for the worst given its record to date.

I've had to deal with that too in the past aandits gotta be the worst.

ESPECIALLY when life has dealt a lot of blows so that even simple little things can't be coped with. In this case, thumping base or any other horrible noises or inconsiderateness can put people over the edge.

Too many blows can create too much stress so that any stress puts you over the edge... ability to cope goes out the winndow.

I found that stuff that triggers my anger and rage drove me crazy ... and with rotten neighbors, to try and get them to be considerate,orcalling the landlord or cops, can escalate the obnoxiousness and conflict.

SIGH ... my answer is to find environments and places to live that don't frazzle my low tolerance to stress because I'm already too stressed by my own life issues.

Is moving, or even going and staying with a friend a possibility until you feel more able to cope a possibility?

Sorry you have nieghbors from hell. :(


Get even - when they next have a piece of 'quite time' - you know what to do...
it'll do one of three things: 1) they'll see what you have to put up with and stop; 2) they'll come around and start of you, at which you can turn the tables around and turn the heat on them; or 3) they'll call the police. At which point you get to them first and complain about the loud noises of "them next door" and it then looks as if they are retaliating to your requests to turn their music down.
Revenge is a dish best served cold...
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