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David Baxter PhD

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You and he are going to have to find someone to talk to about this, Rusaalka... an objective third party.

There is probably more than one issue here but certainly one big one is trust and his apparent inability to understand how you feel about this issue and why.

If you can't find or afford a therapist, what about a pastor or priest trained in pastoral counselling?


i appreciate it, but i don't think i would be comfortable with someone religiously influenced. i know that the education requires to be non-biased, but it still wouldn't feel right to me.

David Baxter PhD

Late Founder
Hmmm... I can understand that. It was worth a shot...

Are you by any chance near a university with a psychology department? They will be starting up again very soon - in Canada, at least, many clinical psychology Ph.D. programs run clinics where counselling is offered by senior students under the supervision of professors, part of the training program for the students. Often, services are offered to the public for a nominal fee.
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