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One more click for NAMI

Earlier this month, we sent an e-mail telling you about NAMI's participation in an online college mental health fair sponsored by Revolution Health.

Thanks to your response, NAMI's "booth" at the fair has been visited heavily over the past few weeks. And as you may remember, Revolution Health is donating 25 cents to NAMI for each person who visits our booth each day, up to $10,000.

The online health fair ends this Sunday, September 30, 2007, and we are asking that you give one more click for NAMI.

If each person who receives this e-mail will click this link to the online health fair, and then click on NAMI's booth, NAMI will receive the full $10,000 from Revolution Health. It's that simple.

To further ensure NAMI reaches the goal, we are asking that after you click, you forward this message to just one friend or family member--especially anyone you know who is in college, or is the family member of a college student--and ask them to click, too.

There couldn't be a simpler way to show your support for NAMI. Please click now.
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