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Opera 9.21

The web-browser program Opera has been through a number of versions, and this latest iteration offers a number of new features that will catch users? attention. Perhaps the most compelling new feature is the ?Speed Dial? option, which allows users to populate this feature with their favorite sites for easy access. Additionally, this version contains an embedded BitTorrent application for downloading large files and advanced fraud protection.


My concern with "alternative" browsers is sometimes they are not compatible with certain websites or forum software.

What is known about Opera in this regard?


David Baxter PhD

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Internet Explorer is the most forgiving of the browsers in that if it finds a web page with coding errors it is able to "correct" those errors to display the page correclty in 99% of cases.

Firefox is probably the worst in that it insists on so-called W3C "standards", which in reality are not standards at all but merely a set of recommendations for standards that were proposed in 1999 or thereabouts and have yet to be universally adopted. That means that Firefox makes no attempt whatsoever to interpret a page if it contains even a minor coding error.

Opera is in between. It has its quirks but is my second choice for browsers currently.
After having some problems with AOL software after the migration to carphonewarehouse I downloaded Opera and it has to be one of the best browswers EVER, so fast, easy to use, lots of gadgets I cannot fault it, and I love speed dial!! Would recommend it to anyone:)
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