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I watched the Oprah show yester day and it was about people who have addictive behaviors and one was on a girl who cut and it showed her actually doing it. wow talk about triggering. That made me want to get up and go cut myself. Just thought I would share.

David Baxter PhD

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That's the problem with a lot of television today, especially daytime television. The aim is to get ratings and the method is often to shock. I think it's appalling, especially when it occurs on a show like Dr. Phil, where it isn't made clear that he's an entertainer, not a therapist.
Why is seeing her cut herself applicable to anything? That makes me sick to think of! Surely she should know better? That girl is being used for oprah's sensationalisim!!! Its exploitation for ratings!!! and its making me very angry.
I wrote her a kind, calm email explaining how i feel. Now i feel better.
Of course it won't get read, but... thats not something that I can control.
I just get annoyed at the stupidity, and the apparent non-chalance from an icon, that apparently is full of caring.
sigh, breath breath...


It's inexcusable to broadcast something like that! You'd think people like Oprah Winfrey would have more sense than to do so. I guess not. I'm so very sorry for those of you who were exposed to a "trigger" like this. I've written a little note of my own to Ms Winfrey. There's no excuse for this kind of stupidity!
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