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I'm finally asking for help. I created a lengthy Word 2003 doc consisting of several sections, some numbered, some un-numbered. I'm editing it on Word 2007 (I no longer have Word 2003, as some of you know), and I'm running into pagination issues.

I've resolved all the issues except for one. In a section where there should be no page numbers at all, the page number "1" appears on a page where it should not.

If you go to "remove page numbers," it's greyed out. Pressing F1 for help says that this command does not work on documents previously created with Word 2003. Instead, it says, highlight the area where the page number is (the header or footer) and delete the page number.

However, when I delete that number, all 45 previous page numbers are also deleted.

I've tried everything: deleting the whole section, copying-and-pasting, you name it. I either have a page number "1" on a page where it's obviously not supposed to be (it's the back of a title page for a section), or I have no numbers on any of the previous 45 pages.

The remaining pages (from 46 on) are fine.

Any clues?

By the way, I posted the same question on AllExperts Questions Answers which I found by google search. It appears to be an interesting idea for a site -- you can ask any question about any subject at all, by first selecting an expert in that particular subject. Or, you can even apply to be an expert. Pretty cool.
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i don't have word 2007 but with the word version i deal with, the way to not have the number printed on the first page but to keep it on the rest of the pages is to go to "page setup", "layout", and under "headers and footers" check the option "different first page"

you can then give the first page a different header and footer from the rest of the document. for setting the header and footer for the rest of the document, go to page 2, and put the page numbering in there and it will take effect for the rest of the document.

hope this helps :)
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