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If anyone is willing to share, I would like to hear about the urge to lie, to simply and easily lie about everything, about what you ate for lunch, about how much you spent on a shirt, and about he bigger things as well. I have just begun trying to control this behaviour, to wipe it out if I can, and I guess I want to hear about other success' and failures in this area; to feel not so alone with it but also to see other methods of combating this behaviour.
I have started keeping a running list, how many lies a day, what they were about etc. I think that if I keep and review this list than maybe I can try to figure out the underlying motivation for the lie. I think that it is not enough to just wipe the behaviour out (if that's even possible); I need to understand the why so that I can deal with the how.
So if anyone has any thoughts or tips or anything, I would realy like to learn from your experiences.
Thanks for listening.

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