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Phishing emails are becoming more and more sophisticated in their deception. This one got my attention, and it took me a few seconds to realize it was phishing.

With the number of Forum members with Apple and iTunes accounts, I thought you might like to be alerted to this one.

Here's the text of the message:

Your Apple account was recently logged into from a computer, mobile device or other location you've never used before.
Now you need to re-confirm your account information to us .

To confirm your Apple ID safely, click on the link below:
View your last account activity.

Note: If this is not done within 48 hours, we will block your account,
Copyright 2014 Apple Inc. All rights reserved.

Here's the kicker...the email address of the sender could almost look legitimate, if you do not bother to look at it closely:

the email address is appleestore at

I've intentionally written the email address this way to prevent it from being accidentally activated.


I received an email advising me to click the link to view a fax I received on Efax. I happen to have an Efax account, but the email came to an email address used for other purposes.

On logging in to my Efax account the usual way, via the web address, there was no fax waiting for me.

Incidentally, the phishing email advised I had to have MS Word installed on my computer to view the fax....I wonder why...

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Not sure but I know Windows Update installed some updates in the past week that were for MS Office.

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Dear customer,

You have been awarded a 20% discount for your next LogMeIn purchase.
To claim the discount, use the attached coupon code on the LogMeIn billing page.
Please note that Microsoft Word must be installed on your computer.

Thank you

Copyright ? 2003-2015 LogMeIn, Inc. All rights reserved.


This from a "member of the U.S. military"...:rofl:

Hi, this is CPT. Jimmy Hall, I need your kind assistance urgently, can you assist me with the safe keeping of some items ? I assure you this is 100% risk free and no cost to you. Get in touch asap.


Account Closed


Just received this one:

On 10/26/2015 09:25:14, we noticed an attempt to sign in to your Bank of Montreal account from an unrecognized device in Djibouti.

If this was you, please sign in from your regularly used device.

If you haven't recently signed in from an unrecognized device and believe someone may have accessed your account, please visit this link to change your password and update your account recovery information.

Thanks for taking these additional steps to keep your account safe.

Replies sent to this email cannot be answered.
This e-mail and any attachment or file transmitted with it may contain privileged and confidential information for the use of the intended addressee only. The confidentiality and/or privilege in this e-mail is not waived, lost or destroyed if it has been transmitted to you in error. If you have received this e-mail in error, you must (1) not distribute copy or take any action in reliance on it as any action related to this e-mail or attachment is strictly prohibited, and may be unlawful; (2) please notify the sender by return e-mail; and (3) delete the original e-mail. The Boston Housing Authority, its subsidiaries and/or its employees shall not be liable for the incorrect or incomplete transmission of this e-mail or any attachments, nor responsible for any delay in receipt. **


Got these today:

Your Apple ID ( was used to sign in to iCloud via a web browser.

Date and Time: Septembre 26, 2015
Browser: Firefox
Operating System: windows 8
Address IP:
If the information above looks familiar, you can disregard this email.

If you have not signed in to iCloud recently and believe someone may have accessed your account, go to My Apple ID and change your password as soon as possible. Click Here

My AppIe lD | Support | Privacy Policy
Copyright ? 2015 AppIe Canada lnc., 120 Bremner Blvd., suite 1600, Toronto ON M5J 0A8, Canada. All rights reserved.

Attention ! Your PayPal account was limited.


As part of our security measures, we regularly check the work of the screen PayPal. We have requested information from you for the following reason. Our system has detected unusual charges to a credit card linked to your PayPal account. PayPal account, you'll need to relog in in your account.

It's easy:

Click the link below to open a secure browser window.
Confirm that you're the owner of the account, and then follow the instructions.
Relog in your account now

Before log in your account will be activated let us know right away. Reporting it is important because it helps us prevent fraudsters from stealing your information.

Help Center | Security Center
Please don't reply to this email. It'll just confuse the computer that sent it and you won't get a response.

Copyright 2015 PayPal, Inc. All rights reserved. PayPal is located at 2211 N. First St., San Jose, CA 95131.

PayPal Email ID PP315

Looks really official and impressive, exceptI don't have an iCloud account, and furthermore, this email address (x'd out) is never used for accessing any services. Notice the comical warning about not wanting to confuse their computer in the PayPal email
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