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I was just wondering if it's common for physical symptoms - such as rapid heartbeat, dizziness and shaking - to occur simultaneously with a psychotic episode. When I had a psychotic episode in January last year I had all three of the the above mentioned symptoms, and I was wondering if they were just a physical manifestation of the intensity of what was happening in my head, or something separate such as a panic attack or anxiety. When I read that information booklet for siblings that HeartArt posted I didn't see anything much about these physical symptoms accompanying a psychotic episode. By the way HeartArt you do a good job keeping us informed.

David Baxter PhD

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Good question.

In part, it may depend on the specific type or manifestation of the psychosis. Whether such symptoms would be primary to the psychotic episode or disorder, or secondary, however, there can be a considerable degree of anxiety associated with psychotic symptoms and that may be the explanation for the specific symptoms you describe.
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