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Member I felt the same way when I started to experience hot flashes that came on like siezures every 30 mts or sooner depending on my activity level! I was disabled by these symptoms and was not able to work until they were controlled by HRT. Thank goodness for HRT! No one will be taking this miracle drug away from me again!

Below is an article from 2002 which talks about a similar issue:
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Just to clarify:

PMS is a term given to symptoms of hormonal variations in the female reproductive cycle.

PMDD is/was a proposed diagnosis for DSM, which would have or would have had symptoms that go far beyond typical PMS symptoms.


Thanks for making that more clear, Dr Baxter. These different issues can be confusing.

Back to Gardens original topic of PMS:
I had PMS symptoms before I ever read or new about them. For me they did worsen over time but were not disabling at all (more of an annoyance) like the symptoms associated with perimenopause and menopause such as depression and hot flashes.

With PMS it was like having a personality change. I would become very irritable to the point of questioning what the hell was wrong with me, then realizing...oh it's that time again!

There is nothing more frustrating than experiencing something and having someone deny your experience.
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