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Postpartum Depression Action Plan
Ted Amann, RNC

Choose one area and add others areas as you begin to feel better.

1. Stay active
Make time every day to do some physical activity such as walking for 10 or 20 minutes or dancing to a favorite song

Every day during the next week I will spend at least ______ minutes doing ___________________________ .

2. Do something that you think is fun each day
Even though you may need to work a little more at having fun, try doing something that has always been fun such as a hobby or listening to music or watching a favorite video or TV show.

Every day during the next week I will spend at least ______ minutes doing ___________________________ .

3. Spend time with people who help or support you
When you are feeling down it is easy to avoid people but you should not be alone all the time. Choose people who you can talk to or who can do your activities with you. Talk to them about how you feel. If you can’t talk about it, that’s okay.

During the week I will make contact for at least ______ minutes with ______________________ (name), doing or talking about ______________________ (name), doing or talking about ______________________ .

4. Relaxing
For many people with depression, it is hard to stop feeling sad or having unhappy thoughts. Physical activity can help and so can learning to relax. Things like slow deep breathing, saying comforting quiet things to yourself, taking a warm bath or sitting and concentrating on relaxing one leg and one arm at a time can help.

Every day during the next week I will practice relaxing at least ____ times for at least ____ minutes each time.

5. Set simple goals
Do not expect too much too soon. Do simple things like reading only a few pages of a magazine or make one bed or fix a cup of tea or cocoa. Delay big decisions until you are feeling better. Give yourself credit for each thing you do and break work into small steps.
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