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I'm trying to work out the type of disability I have. I can read perfectly but sometimes have to re-read a few times to understand content in detail. I find writing anything back on paper takes me some time and I tend to use a spell box and I am pretty good on the use of my computer. Also my husband helps me a lot with my grammar, although those are all my own words.

I also have problems with concentration. I have no problem with spending many hours on a project, with dedication, and I have very good organisational skills, often can assess a situation faster than other people and come up immediately with answers without being able to say how I got there.

I find it very difficult to work in sequence, but my brain seems to have found its own route round to come up with the right answers quickly. I find working from written notes the best way to deal with this, as I can refer bacwards and forwards until the document I want to produce looks right.

I'd appreciate any advice. :rolleyes:

Just wanted to add this: I tend to have a very good long term memory and work strongly with visual images. I have a poor memory on text and so have to have it in front of me to work with. I also find that I work using a template / skeleton approach to any project I take on. I will start from a certain date and memory and fill in the gaps; this is the same approach I use for any project, it tends to give me a focus.

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