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For a long while, I would not sleep very much. I would wait up until peopel got home, yelled, then left again so that I could feel safe, but by that time, it would be hard to wake up, so I would just remain up...I got used to not sleeping. After that, I would go a few nights, fall asleep during the days sometimes, then slowly got back to where I could fall asleep a few nights a week and feel comfortable about it. After I did all that, I started not not e able to remember my dreams very often. It takes hours for me to fall asleep, and it seems like the blank wall I stare at is all I can remember when I wake up. I have heard keeping a dream journal helps with this, so I've done that, but I went to look through it today, all my dreams are me killing someone, me killing myself, someone killing themselves because of me, or me being the cause for someone to be extremely hurt, etc. The last dream I had was June 13th..and here it is the last day of October. I don't like my dreams, but I long for them because I know that even though I have bad things happen in them, there are glorious things that happen as well. I like to think about what happens in them, it lets my imagination run better during the day and I really miss them. Anyone have any ideas on how to start to remember dreams?
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