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hello , i have just started a relationship with a boy i have know for about 2 years now and he knows me very well through my hospitalisations and everything but the only thing he does not know is that i am back to my old habbits well he knows but just not how sever it has gotten and he already told me that he will not force me to eat or yell at me if i don't eat but he told me the day that i decide that i want really out he will do everything he can to get me out of this and get me the help i need i don'T know how to tell him that i am deteriorating cause i don't want him on top of my famill and friends to start worrying about me althugh my familly and friends have no clue i don't know if i should tell.. i really love him but i also don't want him to have to deel with this like i am having to .. i have been deteriorating more every day my 18th b-day is getting close and i am thinking of moving out of home and living alone therefor not having to worry about food and all that but i don't know anymore i am fighting i have not gotten news about the therapie. and my social worker is still not there i am losing it and i have now a boyfriend to worry about.,. i passed out in gym class the other day and i had to work my way outof going to the hospital by telling them i just hit my head and fell thats all? they did not believe me but they trusted me i guess .. i don't know how i am going to manage to get out of a similar situation if it occurs again i am freeking out..
yours trully
It's worrisome to me that the social worker is not getting back with you. Is there someone else you can talk to about this? Someone at the clinic you were going to? Maybe they could at least refer you to someone else.


Yes, it's starting to sound like you need another contact. If you want to talk to your boyfriend about all of this, why don't you just ask him to not talk to your family and friends about it. Tell him that it's not necessary since you're not in denial about what's going on. You just need someone who's going to support and encourage you to get the help you need. Maybe he can even help you find another therapist. It seems to me like you feel as though you have to hide this all the time. Maybe this is a good opportunity to be able to open yourself up face to face with someone who's not a therapist.
However, what you must always remember is that your boyfriend, as wonderful as he may be is not a doctor/therapist. It's possible that throughout your recovery process he will make mistakes by saying the wrong thing, etc., no matter how good his intentions are. So, if you decide to tell him make sure that you are ready for all of that. AND most importantly remember that he can't be used as a therapist and that you need counseling besides sharing with him.
Anyway, I think the most important thing for you right now is to seek the help of another professional. It sounds like there is something going on with your social worker - she's over booked or something. I think you should take Janet's advice.
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