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Hi all,

I have exams for law and psychology in january and i was wondering if anyone had clever tips on how to remember the mass of information that comes with these two subjects.

I have created mind maps for law but i think i need some other ideas on how to make myself remember.

Also, information about memory and how it works would be greatly appreciated as it will allow to rememeber to stuff easier and know how long short term/long term memory actually is.

Thanks, Chris.
Hi Portboy,

To add to what ThatLady said: When you elaborate on the information you are studying or when you make the information meaningful to you...this improves your ability to remember the information. Make sure that you study sitting at a desk or table positioned as you will be for the exams. Prepare the setting to be as much as your test experience will be. Go over the information after you have elaborated on it or made it meaningful to you...then the day of the test go over the material only briefly. Once you have perused your notes for a few minutes on the areas you felt you needed to go over. Put it away. If you have learned any techniques to reduce stress (self-hypnosis) do so. Stay away from sugars on the day of the exam too. It will not help you. Wishing you the best on your exams.
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