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Risk factors for premenstrual dysphoria established

Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) is more common in women who have suffered a traumatic event or who have a pre-existing anxiety disorder than those without, study findings indicate.

The research team, led by Axel Perkonigg (Technical University of Dresden, German), studied a community cohort of 1488 women who were aged 14-24 years at enrolment in 1995. They were followed-up for 42 months.

At baseline, 4.6% of the cohort met criteria for threshold PMDD. This increased to 7.5% by final follow-up.

Results of the Munich-Composite International Diagnostic Interview revealed that the majority of women with threshold PMDD had either post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or a history of traumatic events.

Furthermore, comparisons of prevalence and incidence patterns of pure PMDD showed that almost 50% of all incident follow-up cases of PMDD occurred among women with PTSD or trauma.

In logistic regression analysis, baseline predictors of threshold PMDD included subthreshold PMDD, traumatic events, anxiety disorders, lower self-competence, negative life events, and daily hassles.

Interestingly, predictors of subthreshold PMDD were different. Rather than traumatic events or PTSD, they included nicotine dependence, anxiety disorders, and daily hassles.

Writing in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, Perkonigg's team says that their key finding is the "remarkably strong" association between threshold PMDD and traumatic events. This was maintained even after controlling for subthreshold PMDD, other mental disorders, and daily hassles.

They conclude: "Whereas the underlying mechanisms are still unknown and require further investigation, this poses an intriguing lead in our understanding the illness of PMDD and may be relevant for prevention and treatment of PMDD among women after traumatic events."

J Clin Psychiatry 2004; 65: 1314-1322


Where might i be able to find more info on PMDD?...I feel that i might possibly suffer from some form of this...The first week before my period i get what i refer to as "psychotic"'s a very frightening out of control feeling...i have no other way to describe it other than to say i feel's an extreme euphoria..that is very scary for doesn't happen with every period...i have often wondered if there were medications that would help this.....Thank you...~girlX~

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Have you ever asked your doctor about this, girlX?

I'm not an expert on PMDD by any means but this doesn't sound like what I know about the criteria. However, it may be that you are experiencing hormonal variations that are impacting on an underlying mood disorder of some kind.

More information is available from this Google search, including:

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Thank you for the info...i don't have a doctor at the i can't afford one.....I have suffered from traumatic events in my past(childhood)...i have a hard time describing things...but i know the way i feel during these times of my period..and i'm even afraid of myself ...because i feel so out of touch...but i will look into this more..again...Thank you.

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After posting my reply, I found other posts by you indicating that you suffer from depression and PTSD (and there may be perhaps other issues as well?).

Are you anywhere near a university? Sometimes there are free or low-cost clinics that provide services to non-students as well as students... that might be worth investigating.


I've been checking into low cost health clinics...but i've just moved into this area and haven't been able to find one yet...still trying though.


I dont know what i get or what its called,but a few days before i get really angry like uncontrollable rage and the older i am getting the worse it seems to be,sometimes i frighten myself with these moods.
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