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Pinch Malware Authors Busted
December 20, 2007

Nikolay Patrushev, head of the Russian FSB (Federal Security Agency), recently announced that over 1.4 million hacker attacks against federal sites were repelled in just 2007.

Patrushev also stated that the authors of the famous Pinch trojan (known as LdPinch, PdPinch) have been identified and are now awaiting trial. Pinch production has been done in a very professional manner with the authors creating easy-to-use tools to quickly get stolen information from infected computers.

The two malware authors are reported to be Russian citizens Ermishkin and Farhutdinov. According to some reports, Pinch-based malware has infected tens of millions of personal computers worldwide. The financial losses due to Pinch infections can hardly be calculated.

See Patrik's earlier post for more details on some of the tools used.


Intervention from the Russian government is needed to stop these Russian hackers, they are responsible for daily spam bot attacks on forums also.
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