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hi all,

I would just love to share some news with everyone on here. March 1 is coming up quick and i finally got some good news on it. I have set up a meeting with my principal and hoping to meet with most teachers in the school and I am also handing out brochures that should come in later plus with the help of friends and family I am having bracelets and ribbons coming in. So yeah I am really excited and I just thought I might tell y'all. Finally after 2 long years of wanting to do something I am finally making a difference in this world. I really feel like this might be my life's calling ... but idk... Guess we just have to wait and see..

:) :) :)


That's great!

I help out on a self harm support site and forum, and last year I sneaked a bunch of leaflets advertising it and SIAD into all the appropriate books in the library where I work! :) Not sure if I'll do that this year again or not...
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