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The following was posted at another forum I frequent... thought it was interesting:


This is selfishness. The arrows represent the demands that selfish people put on others. They offer no comprimises and give nothing back. The arrows (the demands) cause selfish people to block out real nuturing energy they could be receiving by being at peace with themselves. In turn, no matter how much a selfish person demands, they are never satisfied, and remain feeling "empty" inside.


This is otherishness. This is the way some people think they should behave. These people take in very little energy, probably from feeling good about being able to do something for someone else, but they give too much of it away. These people feel empty inside because they except something in return for all they have given. But nothing is given back because the person behaves in a way that causes others to believe that everything given is free. There is no comprimises, or "Ill scratch your back if youll scratch mine"


This is healthy. The person treats themselve with respect and energy comes in. They person uses that energy to keep themselves strong and happy. Happiness and energy radiate from the person, without taking anything away from inside. Most people around the healthy person will return favors without having to be asked.

There is no picture for the last one. This is the invisible person. There is person who never feels good about themselves and allows no happiness or energy in. This person never demands anything from others. This person wants to give and give, but what is given is emptiness, or used allready (such as giving away pieces of themselves or their life or dignity) since there is nothing inside to give. There is not enough energy for these people to really make a difference, and most of the time they are too tired anyway. Because they are tearing themselves apart keeping up the wall that blocks anything positive from coming in.

Of course like anything with catagories, most people dont fall into one catagory or another perfectly. Which one are you?

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hmmm... I spent too many years stuck in the yogic idea of selflessness...which I have to say that I struggled with...until I left the organisation...its hard to be selfless when you don't have much self to start with....

It is a major part of my healing/recovery/therapy to let others in...and for that energy and connectedness to flow both ways...


I agree... I probably shouldn't have titled this thread selflessness though, now that I think of it.
I struggle with a very weak sense of self (I'm the "invisible" one on this list), but I am slowly finding balance and ways to let others inside my walls, and even to let myself inside at times.
I am at the same time learning boundaries, so that my brick walls are not completely gone but replaced by more of a "filter"
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