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Hi all. Honest to say, I joined this forum to really ask this question! :)

I come to the point where I really want to decide what to do with myself in college and after college. I'm more like a artistic person. I do graphic designs, actings, and sports. I love media productions: music and movies. And after all, this is why I think I might want to think about becoming a Psychologist.

Fo instance and from my real experience:

One day while waiting for the bus in a bus stop, and it was crowded. A sexy girl walks by. And of course, we would all look at her from the top to bottom. But for me, besides doing that, I would like to grab the opportunity and pay real closed attentions to the ones around me. In a way, I was really interested to see their reactions to this sexy girl, such as how they look at her, how long do they keep their eyes on her, etc.

Well, yep. That's the case. Does this show me that I can become a good psychologist?
And it's the same in my classes, I always like to sit in the back if i could, so that I can see what everyone else is doing and how they are reacting to the teacher/questions/etc.

Facts About Me:
Currently a high school senior in SF - 17 years old.
Bi-languagal: Chinese and English.
Never had any psychology class nor joined any psychology club.

Thank you for your time to read this and help. I appriate it. :)


One way to find out what is the right career course for you is to start college with the idea of touching on new things. Take a first-year psychology course and see if it strikes a chord for you. Also, take some art courses...or, perhaps, drama, speech, or English literature courses. You could also try Philosophy. Touch on a few things in your first couple of years in college and you'll probably find something the piques your interest. :)


Observation techniques could help greatly in an artistic field, where art is to imitate life :)

Also, as ThatLady has suggested, you can always minor in Psychology when in college, while focusing on your Major in Arts. As to what makes a good psychologist: ask yourself, if you were to visit one, what would you want that person to be like? What qualities would you look for? Would their ability to observe be enough?
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