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Hi everyone!

I have a little problem.

I have my own forum and recently one of my friends started her own as well.

I was happy for her and I most likely wouldn't have started my own forum if she had've been quick enough - it took her 6 months from the first time she mentioned it.

Anyway, she joined my forum right after I started (6 months ago) made about 4 posts...
I joined hers a few weeks ago as soon as hers was up and started posting to support her...

Anyway, she's been quite rude so I have left her forum entirely.

Here is my current problem.

There is a good chance that she will be spying on my forum, possibly stealing my ideas and maybe even trying to steal my members... I've learned that she's not very nice.

I'm wondering if I should ban her IP address?

I'm really in 2 minds about this, I've already removed her from my newsletter list - but I'm unsure if I should ban her from my forum?

I should mention that I will be adding a 'members only' section shortly - I really don't want her to be viewing it...


Banning a forum member is a last resort method to maintain the rules and order in your forum.

In my experience, the use of a ban is not routinely used for minor transgressions, which can usually be corrected by alerting the member of the inappropriate behaviour.

A forum needs to have a clear set of rules of conduct, posted for all to see and preferably part of the registration process. That way the member agrees to abide by the forum rules when registering where there is no chance for misunderstanding.

The situation you described of a rival forum operator might be grounds for some type of action, but I would suggest your rules be clear an why you are taking the action you choose.

Have a look at the FAQ/Rules of Psychlinks for an example of rules that are clear and provide the tools for forum staff to enforce.

I would not take arbitrary action with your rival before a written request to abide by your rules, a copy of which you should attach.

If the rival disrupts your forum in contravention of your rules, then you can take appropriate action.

As for your private section, you simply adjust your settings in your admin panel for the usergroup eligible for that section.


Thank you for your quick response!

You've really hit the nail on the head for me - I find forums who ban members willy-nilly really repugnant.

I hate the idea of excluding anyone.

I'll look through the forum rules and keep an eye on the situation.
Thank you again. :)
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