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Microsoft Skydrive is a free service of Microsoft that not only provides 25 GB of storage space for any type of file, document, photo music etc that can be shared selectively with individuals or with groups, but also allows creation of new documents in Word, Excel, Powerpoint and One Note using web apps contained on Skydrive.

That means that someone with an intenet connection can now create documents, edit them, store and share and even alllow others to edit the documents with the appropriate permissions.

If you have an Apple computer or iPad you can access Skydrive and have all this available to you.

Have you discovered Skydrive and have you used it?

What's been your experience?

Let's share experiences and learn more about Skydrive using this discussion thread.


After working with Skydrive for a few days, I've learned that in order to take full advantage of many of its features, such as bulk uploading of files and rearranging the order of pictures, Silverlight must be installed on your computer.

There is a MAC version of Silverlight as well.


That is a lot since most of the free offers are for 2 to 5 GB

Yes, and when the account is full, you can simply open a new one.

The sharing and publish features allow controled methods of sharing documents or pictures. When sharing pictures or documents, the owner can determine permissions for editing, and versions are stored on the drive.


Now that it's been a few weeks of Skydrive experience, I have to say i've found the service to be useful as well as impressive in the way it works. There is still some support information in the help systems that can be improved to better explain the procedures, with which I think computer newcomers may have so difficulty understanding.

A feature of the system that is worth noting is Windows Live Mesh which is a method of synchronizing files and folders to 5 GB of space (independent of the 25 GB). The files and folders can be synched to the storage space on Skydrive, as well as synched to other computers you may have. Therefore, changes on wone computer would be reflected on each of the synched computers as well as Mesh on Skydrive.

Those synced files can also be shared with other users if you wish, though I don't fully understand the benefit or the usefulness of doing that, yet.

When instaling Windows Live Mesh, although the installation program makes available all Windows Live Essentials components, you are not obligated to install more than you choose, so in my case, I was interested in installing only Windows Live Mesh, and none of the other Live programs.

Has anyone else tried out Skydrive?
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