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Users of Skype are reporting incoming calls that display the following message:

System Notice - Urgent Online Repair Calling

If answered the user is pointed to a web page where information such as the full name, home address and other personal information is requested and refers to a repair needed on the computer.

This is clearly a phishing attempt and calls like this should not be answered. Once the call is declined, by right clicking on the caller the properties of profile of the caller is shown. You can block the caller and report it as abuse, but the reality is those perpetrating these attacks have hundreds of usernames. Example will be the next time and so on.

The best you can do is to modify your privacy settings to allow calls only from people in your contact list, but this defeats the intention of having an available Skype account to hear from legitimate callers.

The Skype support forums are currently filled with reports of this activity, but there is surprisingly little response from Skype to resolve the problem.

If you choose to allow calls from anyone on your Skype account, then be prepared to receive these calls at all hours of the day or night, sometimes several in one day, but under no circumstances should the call be answered, and certainly any instructions to log onto any website or to provide any information should be ignored.
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