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I just wanted to share information about something that has been a huge help with my Social Anxiety (has reduced it by 75% for over a year now.)

It's a free network of free support groups for people with Social Phobia and other Social Anxiety problems.

The name of the organization is-- Social Phobics Anonymous

SPAs' web address is:

Social Phobics Anonymous (also called S.P.A.) uses a 12 step recovery approach, adapted from A.A. and O.C.A. to recover from our Social Anxiety Problems.

In addition to the 12 steps, we also use the principles for healing fear developed by Rhonda Britton in her book "Fearless Living".

**S.P.A. is not opposed to other recovery approaches and a good percentage of SPAs members use our approach in combination with other therapies-- like medication, behavior therapy, exposure therapy, ect with good results.

SPAs' phone number(if needed) is (303) 404-3747 (based in USA although SPA provides help to Social Phobics/Social Anxiety sufferers anywhere)

Again-- SPAs support groups are free. SPA is a volunteer run organization.

Please feel free to list this on webpages, share with friends, or print out and pass on.

Many Thanks,

Phil Murray, Social Phobics Anonymous
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