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Does anyone know any way to treat and/or diminish the startle response that ptsd often leaves someone with? I have a particularly pronounced response...I startle so easily I'm routinely explaining to co-workers not to worry, I just "strartle easily". But it is embarrassing, and even with therapy helping in other areas, this seems like an intractable symptom.
I don't know how to diminish it, Pocono, but I can sure relate to it. It's like being poked with a cattle prod to me when this happens.



I too can relate so well to it. In fact I was just speaking about it with my psych this week about how startled I get when it happens and just like you Pocono, mostly at work. I do wish that there was some way to diminish it though.


Oh yes, I can relate too.... I get it mainly when out shopping and walking down the street. Where people are unpredictable. Work has become mainly safe for me. But outside...

Reflecting .. awareness .. reassuring self talk .. Those help. But I don't see it going away much. Yet.
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