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Thanks TTE.....I will be out tonight but will see if I can tape it. I looks like it could be interesting.

Thanks again for posting it. :)
does anyone know if there is a way to receive bbc programming in canada?

does the bbc have any tv programming archives available? there are other programs i would love to see ("child of our time" sounds absolutely amazing) but unfortunately i do not know how to get them.

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Not that I'm aware of. PBS in the US and one of the cable/satellite channels in Canada do re-run a number of BBC productions but probably after the first run in the UK, and even then you have to wait for the Canadian or US network to decide to run it.

On the other hand, TV series are increasingly available in DVD format and public libraries are beginning to carry DVDs as part of their collections, subject to budgets.


So basically we aren't going to get this program here in Canada is what you are telling me? I didn't realize it was BBC I thought that it said CBC....I guess I am following in your footsteps Dr. B. and typing before having coffee :yikes:
this is just an idea why dont you email the BBC, theres a contact us section on the site,, and ask if they can help, if your really cheeky maybe they would send you a copy,, :) it might not work but its worth a try, and you could ask about archives baseballcap.
Hi - For those who don't know

Child of our time, is an awsome documentary series that airs for a couple of weeks a year in the Uk. The crew have followed around 20 (I think) children since they were born, from different types of backgrounds, (single parents, extended families, different religions, etc), and each year shows how they are developing, and includes aspects of environment, genetics etc. It shows behaviour with school, family etc. It really is very good to watch.
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