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It's been a while. I am have been struggling a bit more recently. I am being seen by a cardiologist now for the past couple of months. My heart has decided to not work properly anymore. And that has caused me to be semi bed ridden and unable to be active. Having to let go of my jogging and walking and sometimes just getting up in the morning. With that being taken away restricting and purging has been a bit harder to control. I was doing well and in the beginning when my heart stated to have issues i did my very best to eat well slow down but after 5 months now i lost it. I am still being seen by my psychiatrist from the eating disorder clinic and she has been doing everything she can to get to the bottom o the heart problem and trying to support me through the additional stress that that has put on me. But i currently eel very overwhelmed. I have good days and i have bad days a couple of weeks ago i passed out in a park do to my current heart problem and the ambulance was called and all i could think of was i am pathetic i cant even walk without passing out i have the heart of an obese person and the ambulance attendant must have thought i was really out of shape to have heart in my condition. I wasn't thinking oh no i should be careful, or i am scared because my body isn't working no i was thinking i am huge. I am tired. I just want to be able to run again and right now getting out o bed is an event in itself.
I am sorry to hear that you are having heart complication Ashley-Kate and i do hope they find the cause soon. I am glad to hear you are still seeing your psychiatrist who is supporting you through all this. Keep us up to date ok keep talking here so you don't feel so alone.
You must be so afraid of what is happening but have faith in your cardiologist ok to find the cause and treat it so you can get back on your feet again . Hope you feel better soon


Hope you feel better soon, always has changes for us to deal with and I hope you find some really good coping strategies for your heart condition....


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You have done so well with all of this Ashley-Kate. Glad that you reached out to us to talk during these really difficult times of this extra complication. Hope you will talk to us again anytime.
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