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I'm coming to the end of a week-long vacation from work. For the first time I can remember, I got out of my apartment each day and did something. The something ranged from taking a long walk in the park to volunteer work to shopping. My usual M.O. is to spend much of my time off being depressed, not getting dressed, and staying in bed for most of the day for most of the week off. So this is big for me.

But, that voice in my head says, "Other women go on vacation to the beach with their boyfriends on their week off." I can use cognitive therapy techniques to talk back to this thought, but that doesn't really make it go away. I must add that I've only been doing cognitive therapy on a self-help basis for only about a month. I've also started a regular program of exercise.

I shouldn't expect miracles so soon, right?

Any support will be welcome.


Good for you, Begonia!

That sounds like really big progress for you and what vacations should be about. :goodjob:

I hope your next vacation is better again.
I think that sounds like progress for you. I agree with Heartart. It sounds like a vacation to me.

One day at a time. One step at a time. That's how we get well.


Thanks for the replies. I guess I forgot to mention that another thing I did on my vacation was to join this forum.


It sounds like you are making really good progress.

I forgot to mention that another thing I did on my vacation was to join this forum

Glad you did, and hope you will become a regular participant :wink:
i think you did very well for yourself. it's not easy to pull yourself up a bit out of a depressive state but you did it! you got out of the house every day. i think that is a big step. be proud for what you did do vs. "what other women do". :goodjob:


Sounds like you're doing great, begonia! Other women (I being one) don't necessarily take off to the beach with their boyfriends, believe me. Sometimes, we just chill out at home, pottering around and doing exactly what you did. In fact, that's my preferred way to spend time off. I need the time to renew my strength and committment. If you enjoyed your time off, that's what's important - that, and the fact that you actually got out and did things! Congratulations to you! :hug: :yahoo:
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