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"Animals in Translation" is a popular book written by a lady diagnosed with Autism, Temple Grandin

This is the third book by the remarkable Temple Grandin. She was identified as having "classic autism" when she was still a toddler but that hasn't stopped her from becoming the world's leading expert in understanding the way animals fact, she says it's the autism that allows her to understand animals' brains.

In the CBC program Hot Type's mesmerizing interview with Temple Grandin she tells host Evan Solomon that she would rather be lying in a field surrounded by cattle than stuck in a chair talking to him about social things like love. For her, love is a red truck. But it is her bluntness that proves charming in this amazing woman as Evan discovers as he gets closer to understanding not only the way animals think but the unique and refreshing way Temple Grandin sees the world.

An except from the interview with Temple Grandin can be found HERE

Dr. Grandin's newest release, Unwritten Rules of Social Relationships,
winner of the prestigious Foreword Book of the Year Award 2006.

Publishers submitted over 1700 books in the competition. A jury of librarians, booksellers and reviewers selected winners based on editorial excellence, professional production, and originality.

Unwritten Rules of Social Relationships: Decoding Social Mysteries Through the Unique Perspectives of Autism won the Book of the Year?s Silver Medal Award in the family and relationships category.

This book focuses on the life experiences of two people who grew up ?outside the norm.? The book offers insight into the unwritten social rules of our society as well as the way someone with autism interprets or misinterprets those critical rules.

Dr. Temple Grandin Ph.D., was also interviewed by Rosie O'Donnell and these interviews as well as extensive information about Dr. Grandin, he public appearances and her work can be seen on her website:
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