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Honestly, the additude website is very informative. I did not intend to read this article, as I thought: "I do not have ADD, my kids don't have ADD.". I opened the link by accident :mushroom:, well almost, and to my surprise a lot of the behavioural interventions, recommended for disciplining children, could be used for children with different or differential diagnoses as well. Not to mention, that it provides a nice summary. I actually continue to question whether one of my children has ADD and after reading all this, I think I will pursue additional testing.


Background: In the early- mid- 90s, there were some wonderful compuserve forums: Mind/Body and ADD/ADHD (well, I think that's what it was called--it's been a long time). On these fora, I learned so much, and interacted with Amen, who was just beginning PET scans and showing how the brain of an ADD person trying to force concentration/learning, would go blank. Also interacted with Carla Nelson-Berg (bouncing brains and, Thom Hartmann (actually, he was the moderator), Tom Allen, Tony Atwood (Asperger's), and many others--including the light-sound, CES devotees.

Anyway, I thought immediately of Carla Nelson's early description of many types of ADD/ADHD and a visual that she had in her book, Bouncing Brains (?):
SSB2 from Carla's Collection (Archives)

It seems that Carla isn't hyperfocusing on this any more, as the website isn't terribly active and I don't see how to buy her book. Pity.

If you nose around the site, you might find many interesting hyperthoughts.
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