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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Open University, the pioneering British-based higher-education institution that specialises in distance learning, has launched a website "OpenLearn", allowing free access to many of its course materials. The University's vision is for free online education to be available to all.

Psychology-related courses currently available include:

Thanks for that link, those look really interesting shall look more in the morning, I used to study with the O.U and they are really good their courses are brillant:)

Daniel E.
BTW, there are audio lectures in psychology from Berkeley, namely:

Drugs & Behavior
Human Emotion
Social Psychology
Clinical Psychology
General Psychology (also includes video)
Research and Data Analysis in Psychology
Developmental Psychology

More Berkeley courses with webcasts:

Current Semester:
Spring 2007:
Fall 2006:

If Berkeley is too "west coast" for you, there is MIT OpenCourseWare, which includes both undergraduate and graduate course materials in psychology, neuroscience, etc.:

Introduction to Psychology with Audio Lectures - MIT OpenCourseWare

OpenCourseWare Listing for Brain and Cognitive Sciences (including psychology)
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